A Standing Ovation Please!

Starting a blog has always been on my to-do list like forever! As a matter of fact I registered this blog in 2009 but never got around to putting up a post. After procrastinating for years, I finally decided to put away the ‘slug’ and ‘just do it’. So here we are.

There is no better way to commission this blog than to start with Geemayree 101. In this course I will be sharing 11 facts about me that I am sure everyone doesn’t know.

1. My full name is OISAMOJE Grace-Mary. I am called Gmary /gee-may-ree/ for short.

2. I am a Nigerian and live in Nigeria.

3. I am the 7th in a family of 10. I know! My parents did a great job at it. If mumsy catches me I am done for! Lol. Finger’s crossed.

4. I am a fashion enthusiast working on making something out of it.

5. I love to travel. The proper Nigerian phrase for me will be ‘Ajala travel’. I intend to see the world before I become old and grey.

6. My relationship with photography can NEVER be strained. I know I should not use ‘never’, but I just did.

7. I could be considered a ‘fashionista’, however, I will like to think of myself as more of a ‘stylista’. Yes. I follow trends but I do not get immersed in the pursuit of trend leaving my personal style in check.

8. I am a teacher by profession. Sometimes people ask me how I do it. Still don’t have an answer for them. When I do I will be sure to share.

9. I love God (Yeah. I will shout it from the roof top) and seek to please him in all my endeavours.

10. Cooking and baking are my (re)new(ed) interest. ‘Food is (indeed) God’s love made edible’ that’s why I don’t mind spending hours whipping up stuff.

and for the final….*drum roll*

11. My philosophy of life is that ‘no man is an island’ and therefore friends and family are of inestimable value.

So ermmm, I was going to end at #11 but could not keep #12 under lock and key. This is what we call ‘jara’.

12. I have a great dislike for sea food. It looks delish though.

So, this is me saying this blog is official. See you soon, but in the mean time keep calm and relax. Cheers!


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