We Do Not Need God’s Intervention

Most often than not, when the countless problems plaguing Nigeria are listed and possible solutions are to be proffered the conclusion of such deliberation is that “It’s only God that can save Nigeria”.

The  origin of the problems of the African continent, and more specifically Nigeria, can be traced to its intermingling with the western world.


Photo Credit: Economicconfidential.com

This relationship has always been unequal, favouring these western nations at the expense of our nations. Beginning from the early 15th century with the entrance of the Portuguese followed by other European nations, Nigeria’s relationship with the western world has been to her detriment. My focus here is not on ‘How Europe Underdeveloped Africa’ but rather on the role of Africans in the brutal exploitation on her continent.

The rape of Africa’s resources has not been helped much by the role of our conniving leaders who have worked hand in hand with these westerners in defrauding the nation and elevating the incidence of poverty and lack of development within it. The Europeans are blamed for their role in defrauding Africa of her human resource during the era of the slave trade but no one seems to be bothered that it was those these enslaved called brothers that sold them into slavery; the African Chiefs were the major middlemen in this ‘lucrative’ trade. Similarly, today, our leaders work hand in hand with these foreign intruders smoothing the way for their activities by implementing exploitation-geared policies in favour of these companies who constantly line their pockets for doing so.

It is on this premise that I assert that “We do not need God’s intervention” because we are the cause of our undoing and while we plead for his intervention, we are unwilling for the status quo to change because of the benefits we accrue (direct or indirect) from Nigeria’s present state. God is willing to cause a change within our nation, are you will to spearhead it?

Don’t get me wrong. This is not to exonerate the westerners of their role in furthering the impoverishment of the Third World, but rather to emphasize that Africans and Nigerians had a role in placing our continent and country where it is today; we also have a role to play in getting it where we want it to be. More so, this is not to say God cannot stir up a revolution within our nation, but does God work in a vacuum? He needs an instrument. This is a call to us to act now and act right! Let’s speak out, step out and stand out!


3 thoughts on “We Do Not Need God’s Intervention

  1. So true. Where selfishness and greed abound, can sound judgment be found? I think not. We need sound judgment to improve ourselves and improve our Country. When we begin to consciously and delibrately work towards the betterment of Nigeria as a whole, only then will we clearly see God steering us out of this mess we created.

  2. Geemee the activist…….lol.
    Great writeup…….we will step out and act but then let us all remember that change starts from our little corners i.e home, work place, school, market place etc. Let Us Be The Change We Want To See!

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