Ambassadorial Scoop

I schooled at the great Benson Idahosa University (2003-2007) and I currently work at the same institution. Today as always, Benson Idahosa University sets the pace for others to follow with the receipt of the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Uriel Palti.

Uriel Palti

The programme began with the Nigerian anthem, followed by the Israeli and Benson Idahosa University’s anthems led by the choir. The Israeli anthem was perfectly rendered by a male and female duet-ist from the choir impressing the ambassador (in my mind I was just praying that they were not yarning nonsense…lol. I was so impressed when it was noted that they were on point) so much that he invited them up stage for an ambassadorial handshake. Can you beat that! :p

Our dear choir in their robe


So you thought the Israeli anthem was an easy-peasy task? You try singing it and I do not mean, the English version. Good luck!

Uriel Palti’s expressed excitement to have been invited to the University. He also mentioned that there was great promise of forging a tripartite relationship between the university, the Edo State government and the Israeli government. He spoke on ” The Middle East Peace Process and Implications for Nigeria”.

In about an hour the programme was ended and the vote of thanks was given by the Chairman of the programme planning committee, Dr. Sam Guobadia. That was not before the the International Studies and Diplomacy students (my students 😉 )represented by their Executive Council presented the ambassador an award for his contribution  to peacekeeping world over (I was soooooo proud of my students).


The Photographer…hehehehe

A Cross-section of I.S.D students

Honourable Commisioner for Agriculture, representing the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomole


They practically screamed at me for stepping on the red carpet before the arrival of the ambassador and swept the ‘dirt’ from my shoes off the rug even though I did not quite see any….hmmmmn



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