Junkie Alert!

Junk.ie /jngk/
[noun] One who has an insatiable interest or devotion.


Photo Credit: Googonline.com

I consider my self a ‘Primark’ junkie. Although loads of Nigerians (inclusive of those who have never crossed the borders of this country (not judging though)) discriminate unjustly against this brand because it is considered low end, I am favourably disposed towards them for the exact same reason!!!

One staple I always re-stock all year round are my flats and because I have flat feet that hurts like crazy whenever I wear uncomfortable shoes, I usually rather put on straight-out flats with no heels whatsoever. Where do I have guarantee to find them? Primark!!! I can rightfully say that all Primark products are not all ridiculously cheap and of low quality.

My number one fashion rule is “if you are not comfortable in it, don’t wear it”. If Primark helps me achieve this, then yeah! I am gonna Primark-shop till I drop! Tongue out to all those who are like “Primark?!” with disgust on their face.  Lmao. I am however genuinely concerned about the Primark ‘forced labour’ allegations.


4 thoughts on “Junkie Alert!

  1. I am not a Primark fan at all. During my teenage years, I used to be a Primark fan. I think the quality of their clothes is so poor, and the prices are no longer cheap. I would rather buy NEXT clearance, Outlet of designer clothing line. The only thing that I still buy is underwear.

    • For sure some of their products are of poor quality and yes, their prices aren’t as cheap as before but I think they are still relatively cheap though. What I really like about Primark is the fact that it gives the end consumer a choice of buying an original product which will be more expensive or their 'remake' for a cheaper price. However, every brand has their target market.

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