Easy-Peasy Breakfast: Omelette

Happy Wednesday y’all! I had a relaxing weekend but the week has been a bit busy hence my inability to provide update of my activities.

Last Sunday we (my sister and I) received a very special ‘August visitor’ for breakfast. When he was en-route my sister called to ask what he wanted to have and he requested for English breakfast (tweaked to naija style) – Bread, Omelette and tea. So, Mr. August visitor isn’t a personal friend and I was only meeting him for the first time, however information reaching me was that he is a great cook. In this light,I was out to impress if not my sister would have had my head on a stake…lol.

Luckily enough the day before I had gone grocery shopping, so we had fresh veggies in stock and bacon. So I set out to prepare my pizza inspired Omelette.

1 Small Red Onions
3 Seeds Fresh Pepper (I used Sokoto pepper which is very spicy)
3 Firm Medium size Tomatoes
1 Leafy Spring Onions
1 Large Green Pepper
2 Medium size Carrots
A handful of Runner Beans
4 Eggs
Seasoning Cube, to taste (I used Knorr)
Salt, to taste
4 Tablespoon Canola Oil (substitute with Olive Oil/Vegetable Oil)

1. Scrape off flesh of Carrots with a potato peeler and remove top and bottom with knife. Julianne carrots to enable fast cooking(Julienne: A style of cutting food into thin strips).
2. Wash and cut all other fresh ingredients into bits.
3. Put the oil into a pan and turn up heat toss in onions and pepper. Allow to fry for 1 minute. Then add tomatoes.

Note: You will have to stir continuously to prevent burning.

4. When tomatoes are have broken down and runner beans and carrot. This will enable the newly added ingredients to sip in the juice of the tomatoes while frying at the same time.

5. Add seasoning cube and salt to taste.

5. When almost tender, add green pepper. Also add seasoning and salt if required.

Note: Feel free to reduce heat from high to medium if veggies begin to burn. Also you may have to add more oil as cooking requires.

6. Break eggs into a bowl add little salt, seasoning (Be careful, remember we have already seasoned veggies previously and adding too much seasoning to eggs will make it salty. If seasoning in veggies is adequate then you can skip this bit) and whisk. Turn mixture into pan.

Note: Ensure there is enough oil to fry the eggs before adding them, if not add as required.

7. Reduce the heat to low/medium so that the egg can cook through. Use your frying spoon to shift already solid egg so the liquid bit can get to the pan.

8. When every bit is solid and cooked, turn off heat.

Note: I would advice that you use a smaller diametre pan so that the omelette will come out fuller. Mine was a bit thin. Also you can add shredded bacon and sliced hot dogs to the mixture to make it highly proteinous.

9. Serve. I sliced my omelette into sections like a pizza to aid serving.

Looks yummy right?!

Did you try this recipe? How did it turn out? Or do you have a special way of preparing your omelette? Please share.


5 thoughts on “Easy-Peasy Breakfast: Omelette

  1. Your omelette looks 'pizzalicious'. Hope your guest enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Oh, I learnt a new word here: Julienne. Keep them coming. Well done.

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