My Style: Cambridge Satchel Company Bag

As mentioned in my inaugural post, I consider myself rather a stylista than a fashionista because I take on trends and tweak them to what I am comfortable with. Most times it is good to invest in one’s wardrobe because as a wise man – Archbishop Benson Idahosa – once implied, the way we dress has a direct correlation with how we will be addressed. So every now and then especially when my supplier (my eldest sister) returns from her international ‘market’ trip I update my wardrobe; I am her number one customer and model…haha.

For some time now my major wardrobe target has been to acquire a Cambridge Satchel bag. I totally loveeee this piece because, I love it and more so because it is made of genuine leather. Wow!!! Don’t we all just love the smell of leather. 

Bag of Life!!!

Using the signature word of an ex-colleague I would say that ” this satchel is SEXY!!!”…lol and the founder of the this satchel company deserves the title ‘baddest guy ever liveth’! This satchel is soooooo sexy that I can’t seem to get it off my mind and so, in the absence of the real thing my head has been working overtime styling the bag on some imaginary outfits *covers face*. Today am going to share with you two out of my numerous styles.

For the first look I decided to go for something corporate. A dark red long-line blazers worn over a light chiffon collar shirt on a black peg leg pants. Black and red colour blocked mid-heel pointies; bold neck piece, earring and bracelet to accent the outfit; Cambridge Satchel Company bag

The second look is a casual outfit that could be worn on a day off to the mall, when hanging out with friends or even on a casual date. The centre piece is an easy-breezy parsley dress worn with tan brogues and matching Cambridge Satchel Company leather croc music bag. Toss on a shawl to cover neck line, a metallic belt to highlight the dress and a straw fedora hat to complete the look. Off you go!!!

What do you think about my style? How will you style a Cambridge Satchel Company bag?


10 thoughts on “My Style: Cambridge Satchel Company Bag

  1. I like look 1, scratching my head about look 2. Not sure why you would want to carry a corporate bag on a day off to the mall, when hanging out with friends or even on a casual date?
    Anyways knowing you, i'm sure you'l do fine either ways.
    Keep it up.

    • Hey! The CSC bag is multifunctional. So it can work both ways. As a matter of fact it was designed first as a school bag by the founder of the company. I get your point though. The bag comes in different sizes so I guess the smaller sizes will be most appropriate although I personally like the 14 inches and am sure I could make it work on a casual date. In addition, it has a shoulder strap which is not shown in the photo and works well as a cross body bag.

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