There is a hair revolution amongst ladies of colour in the western world and this revolution gathered momentum to the extent that in the last decade or so, it has spread to Nigeria and I have bought, rather, I am buying into this trend. Can it really be considered a trend? Anyway, I have decided to carry my natural hair although I am still undecided about what route to take – big chop vs transitioning. Mind you, my reason is not related in a bit to some of the central ideas behind the movement but rather to the fashion side of it and more for convenience. My hair has a thick texture and on the contrary I have a soft scalp. Hence retouching has always been a painful process. Although I worry about how I will manage with combing, but as time goes on I am sure I will have that figured.


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For the last month/couple of weeks I have been on my natural hair to the extent that a friend who usually cares less about my hair had to ask (in pidgin) “when you go do your hair”? Due to his prompt, I decided to think of what hairdo to wear. I wanted something different from the regular extension and braids hence decided to go for kinky braid after getting hairspiration from a youtube video.

So I got my hair on! and ever since I have gotten either a ‘wow! I love your hair’ or ‘what kinda hair is this?’ comment. Got a lot, I mean, a loooooooooooottt of love from my church family while I got the latter reaction from my sister. Below are some of my looks. Like it? Like it not??? Lemme know. 😉



I styled my hair in three different ways – intense, Phunky and Konko. I do not know which of them I like the most. Maybe a tie between Intense and Konko. What do you think of my protective styling? Which of the styles do you like most?


4 thoughts on “Hairsense!

  1. *screams* Niceeeeeeeeeeeee
    i love your mali braids.
    i am transitioning too, my reason is because i want my hair to grow uniformly and healthy. hopefully i will do my big chop after 6 months or b4 sef by God's grace.
    btw i am coming for tutorial *heehehehe*

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