The Christ Factor

Hey people! Happy Holidays!
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Yesterday I got loads of messages wishing me and my family well as we celebrated the Christmas.   Really appreciated the goodwill messages but made it a point of duty to correct a reoccuring error – the use of ‘Xmas’ as a short form for ‘Christmas’.

‘Christmas’ and ‘Xmas’ are not one and the same thing. The reason why we celebrate is not unknown as in an equation where we are required to find  ‘X’. It is known that the reason for the season is ‘Christ’. We celebrate his birth because his death and resurrection guaranteed our redemption and guarantees the preservation of our souls.
Therefore, if the reason why we celebrate is Christ and not ‘X’ it only follows that we call the day/season Christmas and not Xmas. Lets celebrate the ‘Christ’ factor, not ‘X’ factor.

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