Inches Dilemma

I believe that two persons can wear exactly same clothing and look absolutely different. The question then will be what sets them apart? Asides their hair-do and make-up, their accessories makes a world of difference. A lady’s accessory adds that extra touch or what we may call ‘the Midas touch’ to her look. One piece of accessory I absolutely love is heels.

One rule of the thumb for me when choosing my shoes is ‘comfortability’. I don’t just buy a shoe because it looks pretty but because it is comfortable. For sure, its look is the point of attraction but what determines if I am going to keep it is how comfortable it is. I ask myself a few questions to determine how practical it will be to purchase them. Can I walk in them without tripping? Does it hurt my feet? And, of course, my ability to respond positively to the first question is determined by the height of the heels. Hence of recent I have decided to just stick with lower inched heels.

The problem however is what to do when you get an absolutely gorgeous 5.5 inches heel as a gift? Hmnnn. Do you tell the giver to keep his/her gift? Or do you accept it and keep it in the wardrobe to rot? Or maybe keep it on your shoe rack and enjoy the sight of it every now and then? Give it out? Or better still, do you wear it at your peril? Well, as for me I took the last option and let’s just say ‘thank God I am alive to write the story’. 😀 Here’s the tale.

Awwww. Ain’t this the cutest shoes ever?!!

My eldest brother got me this shoe, and as mentioned before although I would rather stick with the type of heels I am used to, I decided to give it a try. I was going to show it off in church the next Sunday and did exactly just that (I am not vain jor :p). I paired this divine item with a blazer, a skirt and a chunky neck piece and earring (Sorry. I did not take pictures. It won’t happen again). Oh, and for my hair-do I rocked my spiky low cut 😉 Luckily enough I made it through the service without dislocating my ankles and was already basking in my premature glory. But, alas!, in the parking lot, about a stone throw from my vehicle I almost tripped and fell…lol. In that split second I pictured myself on the hospital bed with my legs strapped up with plaster of Paris (P.O.P) from this incident. Afterwards I wondered to myself what my explanation would have been for being hospitalised if this incident ended me up in the hospital. I pictured a crazy conversation like the below:

Q. What happened to you?
R. I dislocated my ankle.

Q. What happened/how?
R. I fell.

Q. From?
R. *Smiles sheepishly* because there is no way on earth I am gonna say ‘I fell from my heels’! No way!

So back to the gist. Although I tripped, the God that I serve who is ever faithful and will not allow His daughter to fall and face public disgrace (lmao) caused me to stumble towards the car and I held on for my life, or should I say, for my legs. The ‘tripping’ was the okay part of the story. When I tripped, someone in a shrilled voice blurted out ‘Iye O!”*. It was only moments later that my brains registered that the sound came from my mouth. How disgraceful! *covers face* I am sure the guy next to me would have thought ‘See this razz Benin girl that borrowed her sister’s shoe’ or at least something equally distasteful.

Lesson Learnt:

1. Give other ladies a slack when they wear heels they can’t walk in.You do not want to be in their shoes! 😀

2. Never wear shoes that you cannot walk in.

This brings me to the question, Why do ladies wear heels they cannot walk in and that they will probably exchange for the spare flat footwear they hide in their gigantic bags that can conveniently house a bag of rice (lol)? Please share you thoughts.
*‘Iye’ means mother in Bini and when paired with ‘O’ at the tail end it is used as an exclamation. Not a very refined one commonly used by locals.


4 thoughts on “Inches Dilemma

  1. lmao!!! Thank God you did not break your leg o

    *clear throat* now that the shoe tripped you abi almost fell you? will you dash us that can comfortably walk with it? *shines teeth*

    from your lesson learnt, OK! i will stop laughing at them ladies that walks funny with heels. But i think they should stick to flat shoes nau (it is not by force to wear heels)

    P.S the ceremony to comment here is too much o. ppppls madam Geemayree fix it!!! teinz

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