Dreams Do Come True

Every little girl has a dream. When I was much younger, like every other girl, I spent a reasonable amount of my time fantasizing about my future. A particular recurring fantasy was one in which I saw myself being served full English breakfast in bed by a handsome young man who I would like to think was ‘the hubby’ (I know what you are thinking, nor be spirit husband jor! Hehehehe).

Photo Credit: the-berkeley.co.uk

Photo Credit: the-berkeley.co.uk

As I grew older, reality struck. I got to realise that most Nigerian guys can’t cook! While the handful that can find their way around the kitchen will rather leave the woman to play the traditional role of cook while they stay on the receiving end. With this realisation, I decided to tuck this fantasy away.

Recently I came in contact with three awesome young men who made me think that maybe what I thought was mere fantasy could become an attainable dream. Two of these three men are colleagues at work. Yesterday I visited their office (unfortunately for me they share the same office…lol) and they went all chit-chatty about ‘this dish’ and ‘that dish’ and ‘this utensil’ and that ‘food processor’. Initially it was like music to my ears but a few minutes down the road things ‘wierded up’*. I began to think to myself if guys became great cooks how then can we (the feminine folks) gain access to their hearts? as claimed by the popular saying that “A man’s stomach is the key to his heart”.

Well, the up side of this ‘revolution’ is that it has allowed me to dream again. Peradventure someday this dream will come to pass. What do you think? Should I toss this dream/fantasy down the drain? Or should I feel free to dream again?

*Exercising my poetic license


14 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Please keep dreaming my dear. But just in case it delays, do wake up quickly from the dream and prepare the dish, serve me some then return to your dream. And I would gladly bring your dream to reality :D.

    • Oh boy you funny o! Agreed, I should wake up from my slumber, but you better wake up from yours as well. There’s no way I’ld be serving you some of my hard cooked delicacies except in your dreams!!! Lol

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