Early Valentine

The last few days have been very hectic for me and unfortunately I have not been able to say hello to you all. I am sorry dearies. I really missed you all!

My sister is getting hitched in a few months and I have been tagging along side her from one end of town to the other as she does her wedding shopping. Despite all the ‘waka’, what has added shine to my week is the fact that I got an early ‘valentine gift’ from my sister (not the bride-to-be) and my dear cousin. I am sure you cannot wait to see what they got me. Well, errrm, these items may be of no consequence to you however they mean the world to me!!! The little things matter.

So, I got some long awaited spices from my sister and some ankara accessories from my cousin (Accessories by Jenny).

I am really excited about my species because right now my fingers are itching. I really feel like delving into preparing loads of dishes. My first stop will surely be Peri-Peri Chicken (Nando Style).

Courtesy Accessories by Jenny

Courtesy Accessories by Jenny


As for my accessories (aka Olele-disco…lol) I have already begun to rock them real time. This is just to say a very big thank you to my sister, Charee and to my cousin ‘Accessories by Jenny’. I appreciate you ladies big time!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Early Valentine

  1. Hmm na wah oh. Becos I'm not a frequent visitor to Lagos Accesorized by Jenny no remember me? God dey.
    Meanwhile even my alleged favorite sister couldn't send me my dream chopped garlic from my fave store? I go c una for front.

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