My Style: Green-Blue Combo

Wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit, popularly called colour blocking, has been the order of the day. While some ladies have learnt the art of colour blocking, sadly other are still yet to, constantly blinding my eyes with their mismatched rainbow hues. The art of colour blocking does not involve only mixing and matching colours but goes beyond that. Providing tips on how to rock the colour block trend is not the focus of this post, however, numerous online resources are available to that effect. Here, I show how one can rock a blue and green combination without ‘rioting’.

1. Newlook Gold Triple Row Chunky Chaun Necklace
2. Dorothy Perkins Green Bardot Dress
3. River Island Faceted Stone Loop Stud
4. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses
5. Zara Cluth with Metal Corners
5. Zara Sandals with Metallic Ankle strap
7. Newlook Gold and Green Aztec Print Bangles
This combination will be perfect for any occasion preferably a wedding. The colour combination is eye-catching and will surely be a show stopper. All the accessories are either fully gold or have a touch of gold adding an extra pop to the outfit. The metal corners on the clutch and the metallic ankle of the shoes work well together. Also, the  height of the heel goes well with the length of the dress; the dress is a short length and if combined with higher heels may send distasteful messages. More, the height of the heel is comfortable enough to party all-day-long ensuring that the wearing can get her boogie down. To crown it up, the Ray Ban glasses gives the outfit the vivavoom!* It adds that ‘baddest guy ever liveth’ touch while the Aztec bracelet gives the look a feel of Africa. I will surely rock this look anytime and any day. What about you?
* Please do not wear the sunglasses indoors (like some bush Nigerians) in the name of ‘guy’ and claim I mentioned that it gives your outfit the vivavoom. From the name ‘sunglasses’ it is apparent it is meant to shade the sun.

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