Jack of All Trade

There is this popular saying that “a jack of all trade is a master of none”. This phrase is commonly used in reference to people who are competent with many skills, but not necessarily outstanding at one.


Photo Credit: vmock.com

I am a jack of all trade, no doubt. I am competent at so many skills like drawing (graduated the best fine art student in High School), cooking, baking, event planning/co-ordination, (not so bad) make-up skills, fashion designing, photography, picture editing, graphic design and writing to mention but a few. I am mentioning this not to flatter myself but because I am beginning to think that maybe I am the stereotypical ‘jack’ who is a ‘master of no trade’ despite his numerous competence.

The challenge faced by multi-gifted people like myself is the inability to pick a skill out of the numerous and master that one. However, being a jack of all trade does not necessarily make you a master of none.The up side of actually being a jack of all trades is that, as the cantonesee variant of this english phrase says ‘ a jack of all trade never have to beg for food’. This totally makes sense.What do you think?  Should multi-gifted people pick one skill out of the numerous and focus on it?


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