UBUNTU /I am because we are/

Until the individuals on the corridor of power in Nigeria and its citizenry can grasp the idea behind ‘Ubuntu’ and are willing to run with it, only then can we begin to talk about a new Nigeria.

We all dream of a new Nigeria; a Nigeria where power is not a problem; where students can get jobs upon graduation; where the citizens do not consider their lives as gifts rather than a basic human right. Slogans like ‘e go better’, ‘it is only God that will save us’ amongst the numerous have become clichés that represents the inadequacy of our mock democracy.

Photo Credits:,,,

Photo Credits:,,,

The problems plaguing this dead and buried giant are so numerous that if I were to use a combination of my fingers, toes, teeth and eyelashes to count they will be inadequate; a topical dictionary listing the country’s problems will be paged 576 with font size 1. The stench that emanates from this land is so pungent that sooner than later we will be likened to the biblical woman with the issue of blood who everyone would rather not be associated with because of her problems.

I was a proud Nigerian. Right now I think I should reconsider my claim because I am fast becoming a ‘not all that proud Nigerian’ (Do not judge me). After all who wants to be associated with a stigma? The word ‘Nigeria(n)’ has become a crown of dishonor and a title of ridicule, but how did we end up here?

I have heard tales told about her when she was still the desire of men; When her currency was nothing compared to that of the present world power; Of times when the embassies craved for a Nigerian passport to affix their seal; when your neighbours sort to call you home; of times when law and order was the norm rather than the exception; of times long gone.

Which way Nigeria? Which way to go?


2 thoughts on “Lamentations

  1. The only way to out of these doldrums is to start acting rather than talking. Many issues happening all around us but we rather gist about them and chuckle with hysteria rather than ask questions. We need to start holding people in government accountable and to stop celebrating overnight success. Only in Nigeria can you go to bed broke and the next day you are a super rich dud. No one cares to ask question, we rather celebrate ignominy and everyone seeks for their share of the booty. Sorry I have to use one of the cliches again, God help Nigeria.

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