Sucker for Ankara

Happy New months Chicas and Fellas!!!
I am very excited about this month, for one, because my sister’s wedding is late this month and the wedding is going to be a mini family reunion, hopefully mega fun and little stress.
So from the title I am sure you must have guessed? I am a sucker for anything ankara (African print) (okay, almost anything ankara). I am not sure I mentioned that I love designing what I wear. First, fashion design was a mere hobby but then I got loads of encouragement from family and friends to earn from what I enjoy doing and thus the birth of Karis Clothiers. Although for some time now I have been ‘taking a break’ (whatever that means) from designing for others, my head still runs crazy with ideas. Over the weekend I visited the local zoo; I used the opportunity to take some pictures of one of my casual ankara dresses. Here you have them!


6 thoughts on “Sucker for Ankara

  1. Wow! U look good dear, and don’t take a break 4rm designing I don use u brag gaan o! Missed u much o, and happy married life to your sister. Chao!

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