DIY (Do it yourself ) should be a concept of management taught in schools. Why do I say so? Well it seems it has become a catch phrase for ‘money saving’ in the western world. It will be thus appropriate to make a sentence like ‘DIY, Save money!’. Youtube has become the layman’s encyclopaedia for accomplishing task they would not have imagined they could (I am not judging because I for one have taken a similar liking to Youtube).

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I can summarise the advantages of DIY in one phrase ‘money saving’. Despite this grand advantage in a world where needs continually surpasses the means, I must say that there is an advantage to Not Doing It Yourself (NDIY).

My sister’s story is an example:

“Being the wife of an absentee landlord is not easy oh! Tenant texted me today morning stating that the kitchen sink was clogged. So, in an effort to save some $$$, I spent about 2hrs watching YouTube videos about how to unclog a kitchen drain, I went to Real Canadian Superstore to buy the things that I’ll need, then I headed to the tenants place like a pro. On getting there, I spent like 1.5hrs doing the doable, but no success. Then, I finally decided to call a plumber…It took me another 45mins to find a plumber that was willing to come out on a Sunday evening. Finally, issue resolved by the plumber for a whooping $169, considering that it only took him like 15mins to do the job 😦 ”

The lesson of the story for me is, sometimes there are things that you are no good at. Don’t bother doing them. Focus on your area of strength and do! Nevertheless,  this is not an excuse for not doing the needful; it is not an excuse for mediocrity;  it is not an excuse for not trying out untested grounds. DIY is great!  But then sometimes there is more wisdom in NDIY because DIY may end up being more expensive (considering the actual cost and time wasted) and then more damage may be caused in the process.


7 thoughts on “DIY

  1. Hmmm. No more car to d mechanics, electricals to d electricians n clothes to d laundry man. I ga to do it MYSELF NOW……..Nice one GM, cos it will really save me sm cool cash…

    • My dear that is not what I am advocating o! Or do they how have DIY videos on how to repair vehicles? Biko stick to your area of expertise (accounting) and let the experts do their work.

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