Be a Man!!!

I get disgusted when people tell a man in pain at the verge of breaking down to ‘be a man’. Do they think that masculinity is a term that should be devoid of emotions?

Does being emotional make one weak?

Does crying mean you are not worthy to be considered a man?

To the contrary,   being a whole man means being able to feel; Being whole will sometimes require you to get in touch with your inner side. The fact is that irrespective of sex we are all humans, whether male or female. And what differentiate humans, majorly, from lower species of animals is our emotions. We feel love, hatred, anger, joy, excitement, pain, anxious, afraid, alone and some of these emotions may trigger tears of joy or sorrow. So why then is it okay for a woman to break down in tears and not a man? Do they not emanate from the same specie – human race?

Even Jesus wept. Yet He is a clear example of what a whole man should be. What does that say?

Obama has also wept, publicly (for that matter), on many occasions. While addressing his campaign staffers in Chicago a day after he was reelected he cried (like a baby, if I must add). He also admitted to being moved to tears when watching the movie – ‘The Butler’. Does that make him less a man than any other?

In sum, any man that is afraid of feeling and expressing what he feels is dysfunctional – Grace-Mary Oisamoje


2 thoughts on “Be a Man!!!

  1. This right here is the truth!!!! >Even Jesus wept. Yet He is a clear example of what a whole man should be.
    Great piece!

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