Esther + Ediri = Mr. and Mrs. Lench!!

Hey guys! I am truly sorry that this did not come earlier. It has been crazy busy for me right from before the wedding (my sister’s not mine 😀 ) up till now. I am a teacher you know and examinations at my school just began so that entails long hours of invigilation, marking of scripts and immediately after that preparation of results. God help me! Phew!! Enough of the rant. How are you doing?? From the title I guess you must have figured that this post focuses on the newlywed. Here is a sneak peek of Esther and Ediri’s pre-wedding, engagement and white wedding photos. Do enjoy! First of all, Save the date! newThis ‘Save the Date’ card was designed by yours truly *sun’s teeth*. The couple wanted something playful hence we went for a casual write up ‘Esther & Ediri are getting hitched’ and bright colours which were part of the wedding hues.  To give it a a glam 3-D look the cards were embellished with diamond marker stones for the dates of the wedding (25th and 26th) and finished with a silver ribbon trimming. Credit goes to the bride for fixing up the ribbons.

IMG_4387 Next, we have the pre-wedding photos. We (myself and the bride, with the consent of the groom) decided that the best location for the photo shoot should be somewhere beach-y. Considering the fact that Benin City is landlocked we had to make a short trip to Abraka, in Delta State. Once on set, the bride (most especially) and the groom came alive; they had fun while the photographer captured the moments. The first outfit was inspired by the couple’s love for ethnic clothing. Esther is dressed in an embellished bohemian-inspired ankara dress (I know, it does not look made) while Ediri goes for ankara pants and a plain tee. For the second look they spot on matching peach dress and tee respectively. Esther is also featured in a bright blue dress which adds a pop of colour to the beach’s white. Cool stuff yeah? new3new2‘Lench’, Ediri’s nickname. Don’t ask me how he got the name, but if you can figure out the meaning of the slang ‘Lench’ then you will probably pick on how he came to be known by the name. Did you notice the phrase ‘question and answer’ etched on the above photo? That is one of the couple’s favorite. new9 new 5New676 From my experience with the bride, I can say she was a ‘class two’  bridezilla. Not the typical bridezilla that bosses you around and screams at you for not getting things done, but one who needs extra pressure to get things done. She took her time planning and executing these plans and to give her credit, everything worked out just fine despite some last minute arrangements.   The Engagement   9 11   Guest at the Engagement Ceremony IMG_4605 IMG_4610 IMG_4471 IMG_4468 IMG_4474 IMG_4461 IMG_4596   White Wedding Colour: Purple, Teal and Silver Reception Venue: Marque 15 13 14 21   Guest at the Event 16 17 2022 Hope you enjoyed it? Cheers!!


8 thoughts on “Esther + Ediri = Mr. and Mrs. Lench!!

  1. Finally I get to read this post nice one GM. But I was a guest I wasn’t my pictured taken or even put on the post? Chai! There is God oh! Anyway na only me waka cum.

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