My Style: P&D Inspired

Hey lovelies! Ain’t you excited?! Heard loads of stories of people who lost their lives but thank God we made it to the new week!! No stories on this post. Ok, Just a little.

This post was inspired by my sister Ruth, who is a doctor cum business woman (CEO, Proveria and Drason Couture, P&D for short). I will tell you why.

Ever since the dissolution of the partnership between Esther (my sister who recently wedded) and myself, I have practically suffered…lol. Like any unequal partnership where the partner with fewer shares is disadvantaged at the break up I was; my sister had majority shares hence when she left thus went with her all her properties. Top priority for me was the IRON. I miss that iron. Maybe I won’t have felt that bad if I had a replacement.

A month plus and I remain ironless. I woke up Sunday morning needing to run to church but with no outfit to put on, less the truckload of un-pressed clothes. Imagine my misery until I remembered my new supply from mama P&D…lmao, which were not rumpled. I hurriedly dressed up and got on my way. Ok, truthfully? Not before I did a quick photo shoot. Here it is!

1 - Copy

2 - Copy3 - Copy

That’s it! Hope you enjoyed it? Will appreciate you comments and please do follow this blog to get email updates.

Cheers to a fruitful week ahead!!


6 thoughts on “My Style: P&D Inspired

    • Thanks dear. Please give me the date of your arrival so I can ensure that I have an anti – wardrobe-raid team positioned from the gate…lol. Meanwhile, I’m expecting my consignment of irons!

  1. Lol @ Mama P&D. Anyways you are one customer I love cos you always do justice to all outfits purchased and I’m always proud to sell to you. Only say you demo for helping me model don too much Joor .#tongueout#

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