Day Nineteen: People /pipo/

Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. No self-editing, no trash-talking, and no second guessing: just go. Bonus points if you tackle an idea you’ve been playing with but think is too silly to post about.

People come in different shades, shapes and sizes.

People are either good or bad.

The kind of people that put me off are the fine ones. Especially the guys. Don’t get me wrong fine guys have aesthetic value but a stereotypical fine guy has this ‘fine and I know it’ attitude as my high school friend used to call it…lol

Another really annoying set of people are the oldies. Not the quite grandma that sits on the porch all day in her rocking chair. More like the mid-age oldies. People that are not too old but as we will say using Nigerian english ‘them carry age for their head as if na them first old’. I remember this encounter a lady had with this self acclaimed old man or should I say elder. We boarded a bus from Lagos to Benin and unfortunately the driver was this oldie. He misbehaved from the beginning of the journey – ignoring passenger’s requests and making stops for personal errnads without due permission. The lady had had it up to her throat and she lashed out against him. In the heated argument this oldie accussed her of not having respect for elders…lmao. pluwzeeeee! Respect is earned! ‘Gabbage in! Gabbage out!!’

People. Have you ever travelled on a vacation and someone who is just a BB contact and has not pinged you in 6 months ask for souvenir from your trip? Thief! Lmao

There are people and there are people. Patience Jonathan. Na only she waka come, make only she waka go.

The opposite of people; Antonym. Non-people. Because if they were they would have had some sort of conscience. We want western education and there are some good values in the western culture. Boko Haram. Mschew.

400 or four hundred words yet?

People. I am reminded of those who are incapable of loving yet expect love in return. What sort of sorcery? !

People. Doro Mavin. Dorobucci. Doro boss. Doro eminado. Doro things. Doro Nigerian songs have lost their value. Doro we make a lot of songs sorry noise than we make music. Doro music is anything that is pleasing to the ear. Doro can me then say this Nigerian songs are musical because people dance to it? Hmnnn. Doro me nor come know again.

People. People like me that need to get back to work before my boss accusses me again of being nonchalant even when I am practically slaving to get the work done and putting in extra hours!

People. Did I mention that I love my family pieces!? I do! I do o! Lmao.

People. I am reminded of my postgraduate house mate from Uganda who mentioned that Nigerians like to put ‘o’ in every sentence. And another who said we like talking at the top of our voices especially when we meet fellow Nigerians. I agree o!

Ok people! Back to work! Pardon the typos!


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