Update: 30 Things to Do in 365 Days

When we discussed goal setting, a key aspect we laid emphasis on was the importance of not just making plans but also taking time to review these plans and its actualisation as time went on. At the beginning of the year I made a list of things I wanted to do before the year runs out. Well, this is a review of how I have faired so far.

1.  Go to the gym at least once a week. I am a drop out here. Was constitent for about a month…lol. Lazy me.

2. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop (properly). Still on it.

3. Buy four (4) books along the lines of my passion (Fashion, photography and cookery/bakery). Got some nice books on Chinese cooking and dessert preparation.

4. Attend a fashion design course. Fingers crossed. Sooner than later.

5.  Make and keep a new friend. Ermmm…on it. Who wants to be my friend? 😀

6. Travel to one (1) place I have never been before (local or international). Done!! Visited Laramie for the first time. Laramie is home to the University of Wyoming. Also currently, writing from Ikare, Ondo. Ikare, can easily be described as the country side. .

7. Fix a mini-savings target for the first 08 month of 2014 and reach it. Pass! Next! * hides face*

8. Learn a sport…I’m thinking badminton. No luck yet. I am probably just lazy when it comes to sports.

9. Wear red outfit for 3 days consecutively. Crazy! I know. Done! This was easier than I thought. The lack of power to press my clothes compelled me to.

10. Take a picture with a celebrity. At this point anyone (local or ‘localer’) will be just fine.

11. Learn to make 5 new cocktail drinks. Let’s see how the second half of the year pan out.

12. Improve my baking skills from beginner to intermediate. So far, so good. Been getting some really impressive reviews.

13. Read six books in the year. Good. Good.

14. Volunteer at a charity event. Na wa. Even free work is hard to find.

15. Go swimming at least three (3) times in the year. Shhhh, I do not know how to swim. Done.

16. Go natural. Yay! Team natural things! Lets see how far I can go with this ‘team natural’ -ish.  Done! Cut my hair 07.January.2013 and I was left with a large chunk of  ‘confused hair’…lol,  because some parts of my hair still had perm on. But my natural hair journey so far has been fair

17. Take a picture on the beach. This is a big task indeed because Benin City is land-locked. Ticked off. Visited Abraka Beach for my sister’s pre-wedding photo shoot. Even though one may not consider it a beach as such because it is man made, however, it has white sand and bluish-green water so that will pass…hehehe. 😀

18. Have a photo diary of myself for 30 days consecutively. Proving much more difficult than hoped.

19. Treat four (4) persons to good home cooked meal. Have not happened yet. I am sure I will not fail at this. So help me God.

20. Make conversation with a total stranger. I technically have. Although I was not the one who initiated the conversation.

21. Wear green on independence day celebration. On a normal day I won’t be caught doing that. Waiting for the D-day.

22. Visit the spa for pampering. Soon.

23. Give a gift to someone that cannot repay me just to make his/her day. Gave a student an earring I really liked and she was really excited.

24. Blog at least once a week. The result is apparent. Buzz!

25. Learn and perfect ten (10) new dishes. Here’s my count so far:  i. Chicken Teriyaki ii. Peri-peri Chicken iii. Oven Baked Potatoes with Veggies iv. Coq qu Vin v. Vertical Roast Chicken. (Recipes are either on the blog already or will be soon)

26. Complete the Bible in a year. Have always began this task in subsequent years but never made it to the end. This is the year! I hope my new approach works.

27. Significantly improve my make up skills. Still improving. Gotten so many uhhhs and ahsss! Pat on the back.

28. Show practical love to my students. Well, done this over and over again.

29. Make the reunion trip to Turkey. I doubt much. But who knows what the rest of the year holds?

30. Increase the follower-ship of my blog to 100 by the end of the year. Now that I am into the blogging business big time can I just say that this goal was a little over ambitious considering it is not a ‘gossip’ blog…lol. Still hopeful.

I would like to know what you think about my posts. Please drop a comment and I will try to reply every one of them. Comments on this blog are moderated and will only appear after approval. Kindly select the 'follow comment' option to be notified of replies. Cheers!

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