Quick Dinner Recipe: Pasta and Hotdog Sauce

I am a pasta girl! I can eat pasta all the days of my life and not get tired! Ok. That was exaggerated…lol. Sha, one of my favourite go-to meal is pasta and sauce. I happened upon this recipe one fateful evening when I returned from work and was really famished and unfortunately I was short of grand ideas for dinner plus I was really hungry hence needed something really fast. For this awesome wonder you will need:



Just enough pasta to feed one hungry girl…lol


For Hotdog Sauce


Fresh Pepper (Ata Rodo)

Onions (Sliced)



Black Peppercorn

Sultana (a handful)

Sherry cooking wine

Olive oil

Scent Leaves

Seasoning Cube (to taste)

Salt (to taste)

Note: I did not indicate how much of each item I used because I did not measure. Just go with your guts.  However, remember your hotdog is the main ingredient. Do not allow the tomatoes to overpower it, if not you will have a tomatoes sauce and not hotdog sauce.



1. Slice onions, tomatoes, pepper and scent leaves; Finely chop garlic; Mash up hotdog. Set aside.

2. In a dip pot, boil pasta.

Tip: Use about a tablespoon of oil to prevent having a lumpy mass.

3. Put some warm water in a bowl, then put the Sultana in. This will soften them. Set aside.

4.  Put the Olive oil in a pan and set on a stove with medium heat. Fry onions until translucent.

5. Add Garlic and fry briefly.

6. Next, add pepper and tomatoes and fry until well cooked. That should take nothing less than 5 minutes depending on how much of these ingredients you are using. At this point you may want to add your seasoning cube, salt and black peppercorn.

Tip: Do not put too much salt at this point because hotdogs are naturally salty.

7. Put an eye on the pasta and when al-dente strain and set aside.

8. Add in the hotdog and fry for a few more minutes. Strain water out of sultana and add into the pan.

9. Lastly, turn out ingredients into a bowl. Add sherry wine to the same pan. After about a minute add ingredients back in.

10. Add scent leaves. Check for salt and seasoning before turning off.


Tada!!! Your sauce is ready to be served!


P.S.: I am sorry I do not have step by step photos. As I said, I was really hungry. lol.



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