Are You a Man Pleaser?

You spend most of your life trying to be popular.  At the end of the day the size of the crowd at your funeral will be determined by the weather – Unknown

I saw the above on a friend’s facebook status some time back and it made for a good laugh. On first thought, it seemed true but afterward, I had time to ponder and I realised that it wasn’t necessarily true.

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Photo Credit:

Popularity and relevance aren’t synonymous. For sure, if you spend you life threading on glass in order not to earn the wrath of people and do that at the expense of the truth then most definitely your followers will be men pleasers. When you are all but dust you will be quickly forgotten. In such a case the above staement remains valid.

To the contrary, a man who lives a life of posterity won’t be forgotten even in death. His funeral – come rain, come sunshine – will be packed with people celebrating a life well lived.

So what is gonna be? A life of caution at the expense of truth or a life of posterity?


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