Couscous and Chicken Breast Chunks

I am in love. The question should be ‘with what?’ rather than ‘ with whom?’.

On one of my shopping expeditions, I found some sales items  I was excited to try out and trust your girl I quickly purchased these items. Among the stash was the star staple for today’s meal. *Drum roll*, Couscous!! Ever since my first attempt it has been a Geemayree – Couscous love affair.


Couscous is a traditional Maghrebian  dish of semolina (granules of durum wheat) which is cooked by steaming. It is traditionally served with a meat or vegetable stew spooned over it. Couscous is a staple food throughout the North African cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. The couscous that is sold in most Western supermarkets has been pre-steamed and dried, making life easier for people like me who will otherwise never have had the opportunity to try this dish.

To recreate this dish you will need:


Stock (Substitute with water if unavailable)

1/4 kg Chicken Breast

1 whole Green Pepper


1 Medium-sized Red Onions

Groundnut Oil

Plum Tomatoes (Tin)

Salt (To taste)

Freshly ground Black Pepper (To taste)

Seasoning Cube (I used Knorr)



To prepare the couscous, add 1.5 measure of either boiling water or stock and butter to each measure of couscous and cover tightly for 5 minutes. The couscous will swell and within a few minutes it is ready to fluff with a fork and serve.

For the accompanying sauce, chop onions, dice green pepper and half mushrooms. Cut chicken breast into tit bits and drain plum tomatoes.


Fry onions and chicken breast until golden brown.


Add plum tomatoes and season with salt and pepper to taste. Then add diced green pepper.




Season with salt, seasoning cube and black pepper. Add chili pepper if you like some heat.

Voila! Your food is ready to be served!! 



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