The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Since my semi – permanent (or semi-temporary if you like) relocation to Lagos my ‘waka’ has been from pillar to post. Locating my destinations has been via the renowned Google Maps.

The Good // Being a novice driver in Lagos is definitely something to write home about.  The traffic is the tale. But finding alternative routes to my destinations have always been an easy-peasy job thanks to Gmap. A few persons have wondered how I get around not being familiar with Lagos and ‘braggingly’ I say, ‘There is Google maps now!’

The Bad // The period of my relocation saw me moving stuff from Benin to Lagos in bits. The plan was to store my items in my sister’s house until I find a place and then move it out. This worked, kinda. Was able to move out most of my stuff, less, my gigantic industrial sewing machine.  The plan was to use the van  I was moving my final stuff with from Benin (mostly the heavy items) to relocate the machine. But unfortunately I moved on a public holiday and most of the tenants were home and their cars jammed in the parallel parking space with no room to move wide objects. So, I had to re-strategise for a different day.

On a fateful Sunday, I stopped by to pick up my item and thankfully there was a single vehicle whose owner was to come back shortly. Shortly became hours. To complicate things it was about to rain.  So my self, my house mate and my awesome sister (Airaoa) had to gym with it raising it a little above the parked car. Of course,  this was done with the help of a fourth party.

Finally out of the apartment and in the streets  the next bone of contention was how the big machine will fit in my small car. We tried fitting it in the trunk in various directions and even stuffing it on the rear seat. No luck.

The only apparent option was then to shorten the legs of the machine and I in my DIY spirit set about to do just that. Unfortunately the spanner available was no where to be found. Feelings of desperation, at this point, had begun to set in.  We then went in search of a tools shop to get spanner as the neighbourhood capenter who we intended to lend from was no where to be found.  Of course, being Sunday most shops were closed. Even the vendors under the bridge did not open shop. So I was left with no other choice than to beg ‘baba’ to loan me his. To be genuine the idea wasn’t mine. It was Airaoa’s. So she was the one who also did the begging asking. Being a kind man, he did without questions.

To cut the long story short, the spanners were too small for the nuts.

We were back to square one. Only this time we lacked a plan. There was no way I was carrying the machine back up the flight of stairs. No way! Kems who is never afraid to ask for help called out to two guys ; they seemed clueless as to how they could be of help. All hope was lost. But my housemate insisted they should try out placing it in the trunk once more. Of course I was apprehensive. In the process of forcing it in initially we had  scratched the paint of the car further battering the already battered car. Why waste precious time and energy when it was going to yield same result?, I thought. At this point I had resolved to flagging down a taxi if I find any.

The Ugly // I could have sworn down on the reliability of Gmap in the Nigerian environment until my recent experience. Had a flight to catch. Headed out 2 hours early and got to the airport just about when the plane was scheduled to take off.  The million dollar question is ‘how come’? It’s a long story but I’m willing to share if you promise to stick till the end.

My ‘housie’ was to pick me up from school and drop me off at the airport. She came well in time with her entourage. When headed out only to realize that no one had a clear idea of how to get to the airport. Lol. These ladies were probably born, but surely raised in Eko but no idea of the route to the airport from where we where?! And so the adventure began. I practically swore on the reliability of Gmap to take us where we were going.   We were right on course and viola! We were headed for Oshodi. Hmnnn. How that happened? We will have to ask ‘Omawumi’. We kept going in circles courtesy Gmap until I decided it was wiser to get off and board a taxi. I clambered out the taxi, racing for the terminal. God so kind the flight was delayed. Yippee.

Ever since that day I have been really careful using the app although it has more success rate, in my book, than failures.

So there! You have it. That’s my story.


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