Fruity Oat


Scrolling through my SD card I stumbled upon this photo. I had it taken months ago in the hope of sharing this very easy and healthy breakfast recipe with you. Don’t know why I never got to it. So here we are!

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Quick Dinner Recipe: Pasta and Hotdog Sauce

I am a pasta girl! I can eat pasta all the days of my life and not get tired! Ok. That was exaggerated…lol. Sha, one of my favourite go-to meal is pasta and sauce. I happened upon this recipe one fateful evening when I returned from work and was really famished and unfortunately I was short of grand ideas for dinner plus I was really hungry hence needed something really fast. For this awesome wonder you will need:



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Coq au Vin

Some time ago a friend sent a picture with a lone word ‘Fernweh’ and its meaning. The word has stuck ever since because it kinda describes me every other day.

‘Fernweh’ is a German word which can replaced with the English word ‘Wanderlust’; a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.

I think the reason I love preparing dishes from all over the world is because although I love travelling, sometimes I can’t afford to for one reason or the other. So I say, ‘Why not let my taste buds travel in my stead’?

Today we will be trying a little bit of French cooking. Coq au Vin is a classic recipe cooked all over France although with some variations in different regions. The recipe I used was originally gotten from however because of the Nigerian factor (or should I say the Benin factor)* I had to tweak it.



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Oven-Roast Potatoes and Veggies

Oven-roast potatoes combined with veggies is a very easy recipe to make. It is a more healthy alternative to French fries and can be served along side grilled fish or even steak. Different people prepare theirs differently but here is my style.



350g Potatoes

5 medium Carrots

1 Egg plant (this can be left out if you choose)

1 green/red bell Pepper

1 medium Onions

Half clove of Garlic

2 baby Leeks

Cherry Tomatoes (Whole)

½ teaspoon Parsley

½ teaspoon Oregano

½ teaspoon Majoram

1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

2 tables spoon Olive oil

Salt to taste

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Extra Spicy Peri Peri Chicken

My time in the UK as a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham gave me the opportunity to experience food from different parts of the globe. One awesome goodness I was introduced to was Peri Peri Chicken a delicacy served by Nandos.  Recently I began to crave this delicious eat and immediately did my research on how to prepare it Nando-style. Got my ingredients together however could not find a few and and such had to improvise. Well, I will not say the outcome was exactly like that of Nandos but it was sooo nice that I had to repeat the process again just to share. So here’s the recipe of Peri Peri Chicken with ingredients readily available in Nigeria.


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Sautéed Chicken Breast

Sautéing is a cooking technique similar to stir frying. Check out the Noodles Stir-Fry post for more gist. While stir-frying is of Chinese origin, sautéing can be traced to the French. Like stir frying it involves cooking over high heat. However stir-frying is usually done in a wok and the sauce is made in the wok with the ingredients still in the pan, whereas in sautéing, the ingredients are taken out before the sauce is made. So let us go into the ‘koko’.


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Necessity and the Birth of a Nameless Dish

They say necessity is the mother of invention.  Ancient Egyptian civilisation was preserved by the need to develop a means to combat the increasing desertification that was encroaching on their territory and the destruction that came with the overflooding of the Nile as a result of the annual rainfall in the southern part of Africa and thus the need to develop irrigation canals, food management system and best practices to ensure its maintenance which guaranteed their sustenance in an increasingly arid land. Hence, although people have asserted that “Egypt is a gift of the Nile” because it is believed that she owes her sustenance to the river Nile, to the contrary, it’s not just a gift of the Nile but also a creation of man. Without human intervention the contribution of the Nile would have been worthless.

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