Go for the ‘Root’!

The Reason for the Season

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Most times we seek the fruit, rather than seeking the root that brings the fruit.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

-Mathew 6.33 ( New International Version)

Jesus is the reason for the season. His sole mission on earth was man’s redemption. To rephrase, the purpose for His birth was His death. Hence Christmas is fulfilled in Easter. As we celebrate let us not forget to put the ‘Christ’ in the ‘Christmas’.

Happy celebration!


Tales of an Otondo: On Public Transit in Kano

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Packed. Stuffed. Crowded. Congested. Cramped. Swarming. These are some of the adjectives that could be used to describe the content of a sardine tin.

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Keep that image in mind. Now replace that with a ragged object that look(ed) like a vehicle but  could be mistaken as metal trash. Also, substitute the fishes for humans. See what I see? Voila! That is the true picture of people when commuting in commercial vehicles in Kano. Continue reading

What the U.S. can Learn from Nigeria

I never thought I would live to see this day but I am so elated about this! Today, not just any nation, but ‘the greatest of the great powers’ have sent a team of medical experts down to Nigeria to learn from our success in containing the popular Ebola virus that has been rummaging West African nations and unfortunately have spread to the U.S (The Vanguard).

For once, Nigeria made international headlines  not for wrong doing,  but for what was done right.
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Tales of an Otondo: JJC

Like every other student, when I dropped my pen after my final paper I was certain that I was a graduate.  All that was left was for the paper acknowledgement – a certificate – to follow. I backed up my conviction by applying for my transcript to be sent to a foreign university where I intended to study for my Masters. To my greatest wildest surprise,  I learnt that there was still an outstanding course left for me to clear before I could graduate. That period was not a good one for me. Indeed, I felt displaced. I finally sorted that out. Re-took the paper and waited to be cleared while my class mates went on to serve the motherland.

To be frank,  I felt really down. Angry. Confused. Basically, it was a medley of emotions. I was finally called up to serve after months of waiting. I was posted to Kano. Kano!!!

Photo Credit: campusportal.com.ng

Photo Credit: campusportal.com.ng

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An Open Letter

Dear Blog,

I miss you so much! Its been quite a while we went on a date. I know. Its all my fault. I do not have a valid excuse but I must let you know I try. I have tried to reach out to you on paper but after a few lines I scratched it. I felt my words were inadequate.  I then promised to ring you but once I heard your voice on the other end of the line courage oozed out of me, so I hastily dropped the call. I am sorry. I tried. But I could have given it my best. I could have given it more.

This is me saying I am sorry. I am sorry for not trying hard enough. For letting the cares of this world drive a wedge between us. I  apologise more for the future. It may be rough and tough but we will get through it all.

I love you. Always remember that.