Tales of an Otondo: From Here to There

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I may have gotten to the NYSC Secretariat Gwarzo but unfortunately we were no where near Kano camp. I still had an hour and half long journey to embark on before arriving Karaye, Kusala Dam where the permanent orientation camp was located.


Photo Credit: lordsidemedia.wordpress.com

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Tales of an Otondo: On Public Transit in Kano

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Packed. Stuffed. Crowded. Congested. Cramped. Swarming. These are some of the adjectives that could be used to describe the content of a sardine tin.

Photo Credit: lindaikeji.blogspot.com

Keep that image in mind. Now replace that with a ragged object that look(ed) like a vehicle but  could be mistaken as metal trash. Also, substitute the fishes for humans. See what I see? Voila! That is the true picture of people when commuting in commercial vehicles in Kano. Continue reading

Tales of an Otondo: JJC

Like every other student, when I dropped my pen after my final paper I was certain that I was a graduate.  All that was left was for the paper acknowledgement – a certificate – to follow. I backed up my conviction by applying for my transcript to be sent to a foreign university where I intended to study for my Masters. To my greatest wildest surprise,  I learnt that there was still an outstanding course left for me to clear before I could graduate. That period was not a good one for me. Indeed, I felt displaced. I finally sorted that out. Re-took the paper and waited to be cleared while my class mates went on to serve the motherland.

To be frank,  I felt really down. Angry. Confused. Basically, it was a medley of emotions. I was finally called up to serve after months of waiting. I was posted to Kano. Kano!!!

Photo Credit: campusportal.com.ng

Photo Credit: campusportal.com.ng

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