The Convo: Lagos Edition

The Convo, in few words, can be described as a hang out session for young adults (in or not yet in a relationship). I do not think you would want to miss this perfectly great opportunity to hangout with ‘real‘ people. People you could talk freely with about things that bother you and not be judged; who will help provide practical and insightful information; who will not only provide you with the ‘what‘ but equip you with the ‘how‘. Even more, it provides a balance between the spiritual and psychological.


It features a special thematic mixer, and deep talks in the following areas:

-Godly Relationship Foundations and how to have them
-Building Trust
-What Godly men (And men in general) wish women knew
-What Godly women (and women in general) wish men knew
-Healing from past hurt
-What should you really be looking for?
-The Journey from attraction to confirmation
-Men, Security and Successful Women
-Are women asking for too much?
-How to align your values with each other
-Sex. Temptation. Sex
– and Much more

You do not want to be told about it. To get involved all you need do is PURCHASE YOUR TICKET online via

Interested in grabbing a FREE TICKET? All you need to do is leave a comment below stating what aspect of the Convo you will be looking forward to. Competition closes midnight tomorrow 14th of August. Entries shall be collated after which winner will be selected by lucky dip.

-Tickets will be available ONLINE ONLY till Thursday, August the 21st at 9PM.

-Bring writing material and be ready to mingle

This event is in partnership with Grace’s Daughter: and

Imperfectly Perfect:

6 thoughts on “The Convo: Lagos Edition

  1. I want to make an attempt at the free ticket. I would be looking forward to: What Godly men (And men in general) wish women knew, What Godly women (and women in general) wish men knew and How to align your values with each other, among others. Thank you. Geemayree rocks.

    • I am glad you are interested. I would sure be glad to know what Godly men wish women knew 😀 I hope you know the programme holds in Lagos? Anyway you have been shortlisted for the lucky dip.

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